Central District

Serving Toronto, York and Simcoe

Christian Horizons empowers individuals with exceptional needs, enabling them to embrace their God-given potential and enjoy hope and opportunity in everyday living. We believe everyone has a unique purpose and unique gifts to share – and we help exceptional individuals make the most of their abilities. We strive to create a fulfilling and meaningful life for the people we serve and offer a warm environment of friendship and support.

Meet our (Interim) Executive Director | Paul Burston

Paul began working for Christian Horizons in 1984. In the past 30 years, Paul has served in many roles, including Acting District Executive Director of the Central and West Districts, Acting Director of Services, as the previous Central District Executive Director, and since 2008, as the Director of Government Relations. Paul brings with him extensive knowledge, experience and expertise in the areas of Christian Horizons and Government Relations.

Central District News & Updates

Winter 2015 Newsletter