Two churches with one mission

Two churches with one mission

During a learning trip two years ago, members of King Street Church in Pennsylvania were introduced to the community of Arcahaie, Haiti.

They felt called to partner with the local church, help its members, and support the mission to reach out to the community with Christ’s love. As a part of this relationship, both King Street Church and the local United Brethren in Christ (UBIC) church in Arcahaie asked Christian Horizons Global to help facilitate training and raise financial support. Our partnership has made extraordinary changes in a relatively short period of time.

In 2014, an appeal was made to King Street Church members to sponsor a child from Arcahaie.

The goal was to sponsor 50 children. The church exceeded this target by sponsoring 98. The generosity of the King Street members is truly inspiring.

With this sponsorship support, Christian Horizons Global is providing funds for families and is helping the UBIC School to continue.

Prior to this intervention, the school was struggling to pay their teachers and closure of the school was imminent. Currently, teachers have access to training that can improve the quality of education provided at the school.

Every other Saturday, local children attend a program to receive nutritious food and learn stories from the Bible. All caregivers of sponsored children are offered saving, stewardship and entrepreneurship training. It focuses on planning for the future rather than living “hand to mouth.”

We believe that in the future, many families will have businesses, be self- sufficient, and no longer need support.

The churches in Pennsylvania and Arcahaie view everyone in Arcahaie as God’s children.

They are helping others to see it for themselves as the Good News is shared in both word and action.