Thousands affected by support

Thousands affected by support

The work of Christian Horizons Global would not be possible if not for the faithful and generous support of you, the donors. It is amazing the impact that our funding can have in other parts of the world. Our budget internationally is small compared to our work in Canada (which is government-funded), but the results are significant.

Consider Senayet from Ethiopia. She has been faithfully supported by a sponsor here in Canada. When Senayet was a child, she assumed she wouldn’t be permitted to attend school because she was blind.  

“I didn’t think a blind person could go to school”, were her words when she shared her story with me this summer. Our meeting was held about the time she was about to graduate from university to become a school teacher, specializing in disability.     

Almost 2000 people give faithfully each month to Christian Horizons Global, most as sponsors to 1,300 young people. Your support makes stories like Senayet’s possible in communities around the world. Our vision is that people with exceptional needs belong to communities in which their God-given gifts are valued and respected. For thousands of others like Senayet, it’s your support that makes that possible. Christian Horizons Global is merely the steward of your gift.  

Senayet thought she couldn’t go to school. Now she’s a teacher helping other children who were like her.  Your gift goes on.

Thank you,

Dwayne Milley

Vice President, Operations and Development