Restoring childhood in Robe, Ethiopia

Restoring childhood in Robe, Ethiopia

In the middle of a busy courtyard outside of the Robe community center, Meskelu blows bubbles and watches as they drift into the afternoon sky. With an ever-present smile on his face, Meskelu lights up every room he’s in. 

Other children in Meskelu’s circumstance can’t experience childhood in this way. 

Meskelu’s father died when he was very young, leaving Meskelu and his 4 sisters and 2 brothers to be raised by their mother. 

Meskelu also has a developmental disability. People with a disability who live in rural communities have to travel far distances to attend special needs education programs. Because of this, Meskelu couldn’t go to school and had to help his mother around the house.

All of this changed when Meskelu was sponsored last year. Because of sponsorship, he is now able to buy clothes and food and attend a day program at the local community center. 

Additionally, because of your generosity, Christian Horizons Global has created a special needs education program in Robe. Now, Meskelu, and children like him, can develop to their full potential.

This is the impact sponsorship has in a person’s life: Meskelu has been able to experience a full childhood. At school, Meskelu can focus on his studies, his friends, and being a kid.

Thanks to you, Robe is a community where people with exceptional needs belong.