New education program provides hope for Guatemalan Village

New education program provides hope for Guatemalan Village

girl sitting at a school desk An attendance sheet is marked with 24 fingerprints and 23 signatures. Unable to sign their name, illiterate parents use their fingerprints to sign their children up for school.

In El Zapatillo, children, particularly girls, are often discouraged by their parents from attending school. Just like their parents, these children would have been unable to read and write. However, this cycle of illiteracy can be broken. 

Thanks to your support, Christian Horizons Global has established an educational program tailored to the local cultural these children live in. This program supports 30 children and teaches reading, writing, science, and Bible study. 

Sully, Director of Christian Horizons Global Guatemala, explained how the program will focus on supporting children who are marginalized – girls and kids with disabilities. Girls don’t have access to as many opportunities as boys. Sully hopes to provide opportunities to girls through this program because “if we educate a girl, we are going to change a family in the future.”

Additionally, it is important to teach children with and without disabilities together so they learn how to value one other. 

In Sully’s words, “[Acceptance] is important because it makes a community more open to help people with disabilities.”

Our hope is to expand this program to include more children in several communities in need. With your help, we can do it. 

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