Providing education, job skills in Ethiopia

Providing education, job skills in Ethiopia

Adam found a passion where his gifts can be used and valued: “I want to pursue IT [information technology] because I have a disability and a mobility problem. But, if I study IT, I can easily sit and work on computers.” 

However, for many students like Adam, studying IT was often discouraging. According to Adam’s teacher Binyam, between six and 12 students had to share one computer. 

Adam’s difficulties in the classroom were magnified because of his disability:

“I was about to give up… We used to work on one computer for a group of six or seven. Sometimes students jump from one computer to another. I can’t do that because of my mobility problem.”

Adam did not feel like he belonged in the classroom. However, your support has created a new experience for him. Because of your generosity, Christian Horizons Global has opened a new computer lab in Robe. This additional lab creates new opportunities for the 82 females and eight students with disabilities in Binyam’s classroom.

For Adam, this new computer lab symbolizes a new hope. Adam can access a computer from his chair and can take his turn on the computer.

After he graduates, Adam would like to own a technical support firm. Even more than this, he wants to encourage people with disabilities to start businesses of their own.

Your support has made this possible. You are creating communities of belonging in Ethiopia where people like Adam can realize their dreams.