Creating a smile through sponsorship

Creating a smile through sponsorship

Lorena has not had a lot to smile about in her life. Her brother and sister died while she was young and her family is very poor. In her community of El Zapatillo, girls are typically not sent to school and have fewer opportunities than boys. Hope was hard to find in Lorena’s situation. 

It wasn’t until a sponsor stepped in that Lorena was able to reach beyond her circumstances. Through her sponsorship, Lorena now receives nutritional support, clothing, and medical attention. She attends church and Christian Horizons Global’s Bible and Nutrition Program. Her involvement in her community grew and her self-worth increased.

Usually, sponsored children gain enrollment into school and have access to school supplies. However, Lorena was not allowed to attend school because her “mother needed her to do housework and it’s not important for a girl to go to school.”  Though it is not our standard policy, we felt it was important to allow Lorena to continue to be sponsored even though she was not in school.

In spite of this, Lorena continued to attend church and the Bible and Nutrition Program. Eventually, through support from the community chief, church elders, and others, Christian Horizons Global was able to convince Lorena’s mother to allow her to attend school. 

Recently, Sully said “I saw [Lorena] laughing a lot at VBS. It filled my heart see her open-mouthed and laughing.” 

Thanks to you, and sponsors like you, children like Lorena have a reason to smile. Now, Lorena is a happy 11 year old who experiences what it means to belong in her community.