2014 Family Satisfaction Survey Reports

2014 Family Satisfaction Survey Reports

In the fall of 2014, 1,271 family members and advocates of persons supported were asked to provide feedback about the quality of supports and services provided by Christian Horizons.

The Family Satisfaction Survey is sent to families and advocates every three years, as part of Christian Horizons’ Board of Directors monitoring framework.

Over 550 surveys were returned and analyzed for the entire organization. Overall, the respondents were very happy with the supports and services their family member received from Christian Horizons. We thank you and all the family members and advocates that took the time to complete the survey. The valuable information you have provided helps to inform on-going quality improvement activities.

You can download the executive summary of the 2014 Family Satisfaction Survey Report from the link below. The report outlines areas of excellence, strength, and improvement, as identified by family members and advocates. It also provides next steps to improve our services. A plain language version of the executive summary is available for downloading, as well as an audio file of the plain language executive summary.

The full report and a plain language version of the full report will be available upon request from Clinical and Research Services. If you have any questions or require any further information, please contact Iuliana Baciu, Manager of Clinical and Research Services at 519-650-0966 x.3126 or ibaciu@christian-horizons.org.

2014 Family Satisfaction Survey Executive Summary

2014 Family Satisfaction Report Executive Summary [Plain Language]

2014 Family Satisfaction Survey [Audio]