Improving the future of her community and country

Improving the future of her community and country

Ludlene Baptistin is the symbolic future of Haiti: young, whip-smart, driven and speaks four languages. She’s determined to lift her country past its reputation as one of the world’s poorest. Haiti’s economy has created stagnation in many areas, and gender equality has been no exception; still, women like Ludlene are pushing boundaries and making headway for the youth of tomorrow.

Women like Ludlene are discouraged from pursuing education and careers. Ludlene’s parents, however, recognized their daughter’s love of education early and supported her as she pursued academic excellence. Ludlene’s hard work resulted in a scholarship that propelled her through elementary school, high school and university; an educational journey that less than 20% of Haitians complete.

Today, Ludlene works to secure the future of tomorrow’s Haitians as the Child Sponsorship Coordinator of Christian Horizons Haiti. “I work very hard to make sure children go to school [so] they have the opportunity to find a good job,” she says. “It can be hard to find a job . . . without education.”

The boys and girls Ludlene works with have dreams of being doctors, police and politicians. Ludlene’s recipe for success is simple: “Study hard and have God in your heart, because God will show you what to do to realize your dreams.

“And when your dreams are realized,” she adds, “you are not only going to make money; you are going to help people who suffer.”