Commemorating a significant Mother's Day in Robe, Ethiopia

Commemorating a significant Mother's Day in Robe, Ethiopia

As we prepare to celebrate Mother’s Day in North America, our friends in Ethiopia have already celebrated their Mother’s in March. Here is a story of Yeshi, a mother from Ethiopia, to help us honour Moms everywhere.

Two of Yeshi’s daughters, Hanna and Fikirte, are sponsored through Christian Horizons. In Ethiopia, a requirement of care-givers of sponsored children is that they attend a self-help group.  In that group, care-givers learn about saving, sharing, and managing a shared account. They also learn to identify and leverage assets to get a return on investment.  Like other families who are beneficiaries of sponsorship, Yeshi receives some of the sponsorship money directly (for school related costs, nutrition, medication, etc.). She used some to contribute to the shared account. 

Yeshi’s group had saved 6500 birr (about $300 USD). Yeshi borrowed 1000 birr and bought a single sheep. She fed and fattened the sheep, then sold it for a profit. 

After doing this several times, Yeshi was able to repay the account to her fellow savers with interest and also retain the sheep. 

Not to be limited in her livestock choices, a year later Yeshi borrowed another 2000 birr and combined it with her own savings to buy a cow for 6000 birr. By this time her group had saved 12,000 birr. She also arranged for the cow to be inseminated. Now Yeshi sells the milk as an added source of income. 

Through Yeshi’s investment in her family and their future, her daughters will have an opportunity she never had: to receive a full education.

But it doesn’t end there. Yeshi’s community also benefits from her entrepreneurial approach. At the daycare where she works on weekends, forty children attend and receive a healthy meal and safe play time. They also get fresh, whole milk. Over half of the children attending the daycare are HIV positive, and nutrition is key to their health. 

Happy Mothers Day to Yeshi. We’ll celebrate her and mothers everywhere as they make a difference in the world and in their families.