Why I volunteer

Why I volunteer

I was recently asked about my eight years of volunteer work with Christian Horizons Global and how I was able to get new sponsors to support children. My response could be considered flippant, although that was not the intent. I simply said “It’s not rocket science. I just talk about it.” My first goal was to find sponsors for 100 children that year. I started to talk about the need with those in my life. For me, talking about something means that I take responsibility for what I say I believe. If I say I believe children should be able to go to school or not go to bed hungry and I do nothing about it, then they are just empty words and I lack integrity. If I believe something enough to say it, I feel that I have a responsibility to act on it. 

By the end of the year, exactly 100 children were sponsored. Surprisingly, it wasn’t as difficult as I thought it would be. If I added up all the time it took for me to achieve my goal, it was about a week in total. One week, and some receptive listeners, was all it took to ensure 100 kids went to school, had health care, and didn’t go bed hungry. A week well spent.  

Things were a lot different when I visited Guatemala. I had an overwhelming feeling that the task was too big, and that no matter how many weeks I spent trying to meet the need, I never would. Not knowing what else to do, I started to wonder what lesson I might learn from the experience. I realized that I can’t make a difference just on my own. Like David, it’s my job to throw those five smooth stones, and its God’s job to make sure they hit the target to bring Goliath down. That’s a good feeling!  

Since that time, I have volunteered to do things that I never thought possible. I’ve been to Armenia to help start ministry work for people with disabilities. In Ukraine I worked with amazing people to help change the lives of dozens of girls living in an orphanage.

In Sri Lanka I talked to teachers to introduce the idea of recess for children. I’ve continued to advocate for child sponsorships. All through the years God has been faithful to ensure the stones I throw hit His desired target. With each toss of a stone a Goliath falls.

What we need now is an army of stone throwers so the Goliaths fall like dominoes. You could choose to toss a stone to bring down a Goliath. It’s really not rocket science. Just start talking about it.

Ann  Gyurmanczi                                                

Area Manager, Christian Horizons