Christ's tangible love

Christ's tangible love

A picture of a woman sitting with children in a classroomFive years ago, our church became involved with CH Global’s work in Guatemala. Each year we travel there with a group of roughly fifteen people to build relationships, help with construction projects and facilitate Bible programs for children. 

Three years ago we were introduced to El Moro, a highly remote village tucked away in the mountains of Guatemala. The child sponsorship program supports over 100 children there, which has created an opportunity to minister to the people. Each time we have visited, our church has fallen more in love with these people who are sweet, joyful, and thankful—though they have so very little. We’ve been able to partner with the community to assist with various building projects at the school, the village’s most valued asset. We also run a Vacation Bible School where the children participate in games, crafts, and English and Bible classes. 

The relationships we build in just one week (each year) are life changing for us, and hopefully for them as well. At the end of every trip we are overwhelmed and humbled by their gratitude. As a result of our church’s bond with this community, several of our members have become sponsors even though they haven’t personally travelled there. 

As we have partnered in Guatemala, specifically in El Moro, it’s been evident that the people’s greatest need is to know Jesus. Tangible demonstrations of Christ’s love—like meeting physical needs—have opened the door to sharing the Gospel. It is a sincere joy and privilege to be the hands and feet of Christ to the people of this beautiful village. This love is manifested directly by those who take part in the trips, but also by those who are willing to faithfully provide support through the sponsorship program. 

It’s an amazing experience to meet the sponsored children (and those awaiting sponsorship) and have their little hands lead us to their homes so we can meet their families and see where they live. How wonderful it was to see firsthand the difference that child sponsorship has made in so many of these families! Sponsorship has given these kids hope. It provides not only for their material needs, but most importantly, it allows them to hear the Good News of salvation in Christ.

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