A bright future

A bright future

Image of Fadia Judging from her picture, you might think 10-year-old Fadia is about to break out some hip dance moves. Perhaps, but just wait until she opens her mouth. 

Anyone looking for a spokesperson, a politician, or a leader with a plan and a vision? Keep an eye on this girl. 

She becomes very animated as she speaks about her home country of Haiti. 

“If our people will put our hands together we can maybe make our country beautiful and people will be changed,” she says. Fadia sees many improvements that can be made, like more roads and schools to help children. She also sees the need to take care of orphans.  

Fadia sounds like she’s running for office, doesn’t she? “If I was president, I would help children and build more schools and houses. I would give food to the people and create work.”

Quite an insightful answer for a Grade 5 student. 

She may have some good ideas for her country, but Fadia really lights up when she reveals her plans for her own future. Fadia desires to be a nurse. She has a brother with mental health challenges and wants to become a nurse so she can help people like him. 

This is such a sweet display of a big heart in a little girl. Fadia lives in a home with her big family—seven siblings, two parents, and some other relatives. She shares a room with three other people and says she dreams of sharing a room with only one other person. 

Fadia has been a part of our sponsorship program since 2010. Being a part of the program means she is able to attend a CH Global-sponsored school staffed with qualified teachers. Without this, it is unlikely that she would progress past Grade 6. It is evident that Fadia is a bright girl with a keen mind and we’re thrilled to sponsor her and help ensure she receives a quality education.