Sheldon moves to Whitby

Sheldon moves to Whitby

Shelden came to Christian Horizons from another developmental services agency in February 2009.

It was shortly afterwards that we found out he was a fun-loving, intelligent young man. He did somersaults everywhere and was often seen playing on the playground equipment. He could also complete complex 500+ piece puzzles and word searches quite quickly.

His challenges decreased to the point where Shelden was able to move to a community home.

On Thursday, August 4th, 2016, Shelden graduated to his new residential home in Whitby. On August 8th, we held a graduation celebration at his new house (in the form of a barbecue bonanza) celebrating with his family, past and present housemates, and a few employees. Shelden was given an iPad so he could use apps to learn (and also some fun).

According to Program Manager Priscilla Holden, Shelden has been a great addition to his new home. He is an active, bright young man who loves to go out in the community, swim, bowl, and pick apples.

Shelden enjoys helping around his home and going grocery shopping. He is also learning to cook and started playing basketball last basketball season.

Those supporting Shelden enjoy his infectious smile and laughter. He is a joy to be around.