Helen’s garden yields impressive crops

In the spring of 2016, Helen joined other members of the community in gardening after being given a local plot near her home. She planted cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, zucchini and green beans. She worked hard to make sure her plants were watered every day, especially when there was no rain. All vegetables produced in that garden were cooked for the people living in her home.

Helen had another garden in the Chatham area where she chose to plant pumpkins. It was amazing to observe Helen putting small seeds in the soil, watering and patiently watching them grow. Last fall, Helen harvested enough pumpkins to share with other Christian Horizons’ homes in Chatham.

One day Helen and her staff baked pumpkin cookies. It happened that gentlemen from another Christian Horizons home came to the house. It was a great moment for the team and people living at both homes to enjoy those sweet cookies made with fresh pumpkins from Helen’s garden.

During her visits to the two gardens, Helen had a good opportunity to interact with other members of her community and to enjoy outdoor activities. She is very thankful to the Chatham‐Kent Community Gardens Board for giving her those two garden plots. She has been very excited for this year’s gardening season.