Marie Micheline’s story

picture of Marie Marie Micheline is 11 years old. She lives in Haiti, has a physical disability and recently became the proud owner of three hens and a rooster. Every day, the chickens scuttle through her community until dusk calls them back to their perch on a tree by her home. She helps care for them, knowing well that eggs and chicks mean a world a difference for her and her family.

We were first connected to Marie Micheline through a local church partner. That church is known throughout their community for having a heart to walk alongside people with disabilities. Friends and neighbours encouraged Marie’s mother to visit the church, and shortly thereafter her daughter was sponsored through Christian Horizons. That same church chose Marie and her family to be the recipients of the hens and rooster that were given to the community from our Gift Catalogue last year.

“I make sure they are there every night,” Marie told us when we visited her this past October. “It’s my dream that one day we’ll grow lots more and share them with all my family.” As the hens begin to produce eggs and more chicks, her dream will hopefully come true soon. “I want to say a big thanks to the person who gave me the hens,” Marie added before we said goodbye.

We’d like to say a big thanks too - and invite you to make a difference for children just like Marie Micheline through the Christian Horizons Gift Catalogue.

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