To Give a Goat

To Give a Goat

Written by: Mark Wallace

In the beautiful, windswept hills of Ona Ville, new concrete houses and small tarp tents dot the landscape. Before the devastation of the 2010 earthquake in Haiti, no one lived here. But since the ground gave way, this is one of the places where people were given land to start rebuilding their lives. Metuschelah, Michelna, and Michelson are three siblings who are not only rebuilding and surviving, but they are looking boldy to the future - thanks to the combination of sponsorship through Christian Horizons, and the gift of a goat.

Metuschelah, Michelna, and Michelson have all been sponsored since the earthquake. Sponsorship gave them access to education they otherwise would not have had. Michelna was able to attend the Good Seed School supported by Christian Horizons – an inclusive school where children with disabilities are able to learn in community alongside their peers. The support of sponsorship has extended beyond the siblings. Their mother, Cellena, was given business training, and is already applying that knowledge to build a better foundation for her family’s future.

And that’s where the goat comes in.

The family received the goat through the Christmas Gift Catalogue. They were selected by our Haitian staff based on need and having a place where they could care for it. They plan to have the have the female goat produce more goats for them. The gift of a goat will help them accelerate their business and grow a small flock. Metuschelah, Michelna, Michelson, and their parents are thankful for the impact that sponsorship made for them – but they are especially glad for the gift of the goat, seeing it as a step toward self-sufficiency.

Earthquakes leave deep wounds. Yet thanks to the strength and determination of families like this, along with the generosity of donors like you, those wounds are healing.