A Thank You From Maron

A Thank You From Maron

A picture of a man and woman standing in front of a laundry machineWritten by: Dwayne Milley

The doorway was narrow. We had to go in one at a time just to get through. But once inside, we were so impressed with what was happening. Beyond the small doorway and the inviting aroma of Ethiopian coffee, is a growing business that, thanks to donors like you, is changing lives.

Christian Horizons helps facilitate what locals call a ‘Self Help Group’ in Sire, Ethiopia. In this case, 16 parents of sponsored children in Sire have joined together to start a laundry business. Here’s how it works:

Each member contributes 20 birr per month (less than 50 cents) towards the ongoing water costs. What they couldn’t have obtained without donor support was their semi-manual laundry machine. Even though hydro power is not consistent in Sire, the semi-manual feature allows the machine to function even when there is no electricity. So at a cost of 10 birr per shirt and 15 birr per pair of pants, they expect to make money quickly. Soon they will expand their business and support their families in new ways.

By supporting Christian Horizons, you have helped projects like this happen. Because you care, families like these in countries where Christian Horizons is active, are running businesses like this one.

They’re helping to give their children the best possible start in life which in turn, is strengthening entire communities for years to come - which brings me back to the narrow doorway and the inviting smell of coffee.

We had been invited into this space for an Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony to thank us. I was fortunate enough to be there, and I have a special responsibility of passing that thanks on to you.

Maron, the leader of the group, expressed gratitude to you saying, “Thank you very much. We are very encouraged and we plan to do more in the next coming years.” Your donations and faith in the global work of Christian Horizons has real, tangible results that change lives.

On behalf of Christian Horizons, I echo Maron’s words - Thank you.