Saying "Yes!" to Yared

Saying "Yes!" to Yared

Written by: Mark Wallace, Director of Christian Horizons Global

Ten years ago, Yared’s mom, Sevle, was struggling to provide for her family and care for her son with a developmental disability. The local community leaders came to us and asked, “Will you help this child?” Our resounding ‘yes’ changed their lives forever.

Life in Ethiopia can be hard. Living with a developmental disability makes it even harder. But thanks to child sponsorship, Yared has been supported for the last ten years.

He has attended a school with inclusive classrooms in Asella, where he lives, and is currently learning great life skills. His mother no longer worries about clothes, food or medication.

Yared is happy and kind. He lives with his mom, brother and sister and enjoys playing football, drawing, and fixing things, when he’s not busy taking care of the family’s chicken.

He has a tendency to wander off, so his mom always makes sure that someone is with him to help keep him safe.

Sponsorship changed Yared’s life. Every day we still hear the question, “Will you help this child?” Help us say a resounding “YES!” by signing up to sponsor a child today for just $41/month.

Your money goes towards the family’s living expenses, school fees, uniform, supplies and other community supports.

Click here to sign up to sponsor a child today."