Excellence in Action - Diego Spano

Excellence in Action - Diego Spano

Diego moved to the Keswick community two years ago. During his time here, he has found many ways to belong in his community. Diego works at a local grocery store bagging groceries once a week. From his interactions with people at the grocery store they now recognize him around the community and greet him when they see him.

 Diego also stays in touch with his cultural community by choosing a barber who is Italian, like him. He speaks Italian with his barber and takes pictures with him.

 Diego belongs to two faith communities, his Catholic church which he refers to as his church and the United church. Diego invites his family to attend church with him in his community. He also attends the United church dinner every week where he socializes with many people, but mostly with the volunteers.

 Diego takes pride in keeping up with his house, he sees it as his responsibility to keep it clean and work on the garden. Diego truly belongs in his community in Keswick.

 Congratulations, Diego!