Excellence in Action-Cassandra Lamb

Excellence in Action-Cassandra Lamb

Cassie is a vocal advocate for the gentlemen she supports. She encourages them to take care of their surroundings by keeping their house neat and tidy and take pride in keeping a clean space. Cassie ensures she has a proactive plan when supporting the men when they are going out to enjoy their hobbies. Cassie has a drive to provide the people she supports with new opportunities and experiences regardless of past perceptions, opinions and "failed attempts". One person specifically has begun attending church which has made a positive impact in his life.

Cassie values and respects everyone at the home she provides support in. Cassie starts every day with a bright smile greeting all the men. She is the first person to aid/explore any discomfort or anxiety, and celebrates their successes. Cassie has a clear vision of family involvement and has gone above and beyond to ensure families are kept updated.

Cassie’s family also donated couches to the home when the current ones needed to be replaced and their were no funds in the budget. She collaborated with her family and they volunteered their own time to clean out the garage following a major renovation, taking multiple items to the dump.

Cassie has also begun to mentor new employees at this home to have clear expectations of the vision and of specific supports. She has empowered her peers to excel in their roles and responsibilities of supporting people. She is a leader and her warm approach and attentiveness ensure each day is rewarding.

Congratulations, Cassie!