Laura’s Garage Sale

Laura’s Garage Sale

Everyone has gifts that need to be discovered and developed. What could be sadder than a gift that is buried in the sand for no one to see or enjoy? One person we support has many gifts that are just waiting to be used and we seized the opportunity to let the community in on it! Laura in Orillia1 loves to organize, clean and shop. Combining these gifts with coffee makes for a great garage sale.

Once a year, Laura and her friend Caroline host a garage sale in Orillia. Laura looks forward to this event every year and spends a lot of time getting ready for it.

Laura is in charge of the large bag of clothes that are donated from friends. She makes sure the clothes are arranged in a shopper friendly way – pants are hanging with pants, shirts are hanging with shirts and skirts are hanging with skirts. She also makes sure that the hangers are all facing the same way and nothing is falling off or looking sloppy. Shoes are neatly placed together. If a pair of size 9 shoes looks good to Laura, they are immediately set aside. After all, this is her garage sale!

Laura makes sure Caroline has coffee on hand for the many people that come by. Laura greets everyone with a smile and tries to find what they are looking for. The people in the neighbourhood love to see her each year and look forward to the conversations. She cheers when the van drives in with all her friends and makes sure a table is set up for them to enjoy a cookie and a cup of coffee. Mrs. Schenk, another of her many friends, arrives from down the road with her homemade cookies that Laura loves to eat on Saturday mornings.

It is difficult for Laura to watch people move things and place them in the wrong place, so she waits patiently for the people to leave and then quickly fixes things. At times, Laura disappears to try on an item that catches her eye. Sometimes clothes are set aside and other times put back in place as she notices a flaw that just can’t be overlooked. When the sale is over, Laura uses the money she made for a special outing.

Garage sales happen in Orillia all the time, but this garage sale is special because it brings such joy to Laura. Laura has many gifts that are just waiting to be used in so many ways. So, if you’re not too busy, come to Orillia and enjoy a cup of coffee and buy some clothes at Laura’s garage sale.