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People with disabilities make excellent employees. If you are looking for dependability, company loyalty and high job retention for your place of business consider hiring someone with a disability.

Christian Horizons Employment Services works together with many Canadian business owners who seek to diversify their place of business by tapping into a talented pool of candidates. Our qualified and experienced Employment Coordinators have a high rate of successful employment matches by equipping people with disabilities to meet job requirements.

Services We Can Provide Your Business:

Job Matching – Our Employment Coordinators work with employers and recruitment managers to provide professional candidates to fill hiring needs. If you are looking to fill positions for your business or would like to partner with us, send us an email. We will come on site to learn about your business and your available position to best meet your hiring needs. We will then pre-screen candidates based on their skill set and forward resumes for your consideration.

Temporary On-site Job Coaching – We offer on-site job coaching plans to support people with disabilities to meet your business requirements. We are available to provide additional on-site training support, which includes job task analysis and recommendations for workplace strategies to enhance job performance during the initial orientation process. Employers who have used our services have noted higher job retention, as well as increased performance and morale among their employees.

Follow Up Support – We are committed to the success of your business. If at any time the employee you hired requires further follow-up training, we are available to come back to offer the support you need.




Thank you so much to the Ontario Brain Institute - for the generous Geek Grant to support our Humber Program - enjoyed having you for a tour!


”After working with various organizations throughout the years, Christian Horizons is one of the most professional, efficient and respectful I have ever dealt with. I am so proud to be one of their partners.”

Carlos Durao, General Manager, Madison Centre Moxies Grill & Bar

“Our culinary partnership with Christian Horizons continues to exemplify the kind of community-based, talent-focused and socially-relevant programs which serve Hyatt’s broader goals.”

Kevin Ellis, EAM Director of Food and Beverage, Park Hyatt Toronto

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