Life After Graduation



 Last we heard Michelle was actively seeking employment after graduation from the Culinary Program at Humber College. She made the decision to access Christian Horizons Employment Supports to assist her with navigating the transition from college to the marketplace.

So, what has Michelle been up to?

Shortly after graduation Michelle was hired for some part-time work at a store that she really liked. In the mean time Michelle continued to keep up her culinary skills not just making meals at home for her family but also to serve and volunteer at her local church.

Michelle then received an interview for a position in the food industry. As part of the interview process they asked her to prepare the cheese and meat at the food prep station. They were so impressed with her knowing to use a hair net, washing her hands properly before preparing the food, adhering to the safety standards of holding down the scissors and knives, following instructions and answering all the interview questions with confidence. The supervisor noticed her attention to detail and asked right away if Michelle had culinary training – to which she replied – YES, from Humber College.

We are excited to announce that Michelle was hired on the spot to work at Tim Hortons!

Michelle also continues to stay connected with her friends from her graduating class as you see Angel and Michelle arriving early together to help decorate for the Humber Reunion.

Congratulations Michelle and thank you for inspiring this segment of life after graduation!



June 5, 2018 was a night to remember for the 11 graduates at Humber College receiving their Basic Culinary Skills Certificate after 34 challenging weeks of hard work. Graduate Michelle Tarco had this to say:

“ I learned mom I did it! I have friends and now I am ready to work. I learned employment skills and now I can have a picture on the wall at home for graduation just like my sister.”

Graduation is really just the beginning of the journey. Life long friendships from college continue to flourish and grow. In the photo below you can see Michelle and her friend Angel celebrating and hanging out together at the Chessecake Factory now that their studies are finished.

The next natural step after graduation is to begin the search to find a job that matches Michelle’s unique skills and gifts. Michelle decided to hire an Employment Coordinator from Christian Horizons to build a strong network of support as she begins her career.

Michelle, along with her Employment Coordinator, created a photo resume in order to stand out from the crowd in the application screening process. She is eager to be hired and to utilize her new found skills from college. Michelle is going to make a great employee!

Stay tuned for more stories from … life after graduation!

Gina Antonacci, Associate Vice President, Academic , Jenny Gale, Janet Noel-Annable, CEO Christian Horizons – Humber College Graduation June 2016

This past June Jenny Antonacci (Gale) returned to Humber College to address the graduating class of 2017 Culinary Basic Skills Certificate students. Jenny shared with graduates that it is not always an easy journey – that there are challenges to find and to keep a job after graduation. But using the words of Finding Nemo, Jenny said “Just keep swimming.” Her inspiring message to the hopeful graduating class that evening was “Don’t give up!”

Jenny shared her incredible testimony that hard work and dedication lead to success. Since graduation, she has been working as a hostess in the dining area of Hollandview Trail Retirement Residence. She is a valued member of their team, using her gifts and skills to ensure residents have an extraordinary dining experience through excellent service.

Obtaining employment moved Jenny toward financial independence enabling her to fulfill her dream of marrying Humber graduate, Jessey Antonacci and renting their very first apartment together. Congratulations to you both!

Jenny & Jessey Antonacci Wedding 2017

Education and employment transforms lives.

For more information check out excerpts from the powerful documentary based on this program called A Better Slice Of Life http://abettersliceoflife.com/ or find applications at Christian Horizons Employment Services/ College Partnerships at https://www.christian-horizons.org/

My name is Patrick and I’ve been living in Toronto for the last four years. Recently, I got a job at the Edward Village Hotel in North York. I was successful at getting my job at the hotel because of the support from Patricia with the Christian Horizons Employment Program and the help of my support staff.

I now take the TTC bus to my job and when I get paid I’m going to put most of my money in the bank. I look forward to other opportunities of employment to lead me to my dream job of working in a factory.

Courageous Steps To Transformation: Joan’s Employment Story

Joan was very shy and not comfortable engaging in conversation with others when she first came to Christian Horizons. She was anxious when she needed to interact and participate with others in her local community and often struggled with change to her environment.

Once Joan engaged with Employment Services, we began working together through a career plan specific to her professional goals. We discovered that she had worked many years ago, but had not been employed in years. Together with Joan we completed a skills assessments and social capital questionnaire to learn more about her unique gifts and talents. She attended our employment workshops to increase her knowledge, skills and confidence. Our Employment Coordinators then provided hands-on job coaching feedback as Joan completed a variety of volunteer work experiences to build her resume experience, develop references and gain transferable work skills.

Through our skills assessment, we discovered Joan’s interest in the computer. We encouraged and supported her to join a local computer class so that she could increase her computer knowledge and, at the same time, work on her social skills to be more comfortable engaging with new people in a group setting.

After determination and work, on August 10, 2017, Joan accepted an offer of employment for a part time position at Global Coin Solutions. Her responsibilities include sorting and counting mixed currencies for charitable organizations. She has been doing so well in her new position that her employer has continued to increase her work responsibilities, as well as increase hours per shift.

Joan said that her Employment Coordinator from Christian Horizons has “helped me to learn the bus to get to work and to learn my job better at my workplace. I like working there and making money.”

Joan’s life now includes a new job, embracing new experiences, learning new responsibilities, making new friends from work and making money to increase her financial stability and independence. Through taking a few courageous steps Joan has found her voice, her confidence and a place to belong.

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