Current Needs

Current Needs


In each country where we serve, we are working with families living on the margins. In most cases, this means people are living in very close proximity to one another, handwashing effectively is a challenge for them and most people do not have refrigeration so fresh food must be purchased daily. 

Our employees are working hard to provide kits that contain dried food (corn, grains beans, rice), disinfectants and health supplies to help these families in this time of need.

Ways you can help

Donate to the Nutrition Fund

Families and communities in developing countries where we work need your help. Here are some ways you can assist vulnerable people during this pandemic crisis.

We are still running a nutrition program in Ethiopia, Guatemala and Haiti. The schools are closed but we are still providing food. 

Sponsor a Child

Change a life by sponsoring a child today! We take a holistic approach when walking alongside children and their communities. Your funds directly provide financial support for an individual child’s unique practical needs, including school tuition, nutrition and medical care while also enhancing community programs that emphasize inclusion.

Give to your sponsored child's community

For those of you who already sponsor a child, thank you.  You can make a gift to the community where the child lives that will help support them and others at this time.


We have closed our non-essential services and diverted all our energy to our residential supports. Our main focus is on the health and well-being of the people who choose our services and our employees.

Ways you can help


We’re hiring Home & Community Assistants and Direct Support Professionals! If you’re someone who's passionate about helping people and looking for a job, this could be perfect for you.

Personal Protective Equipment

We are searching for ways to grow our stock of personal protective equipment. This includes specialty equipment, gowns, gloves, and masks.

Choose the donate button here to help us purchase PPE today or for more information on how you can make a donation of PPE, email


Emergency COVID-19 Benevolence Fund

Please consider donating to the Christian Horizons Benevolence Fund. This fund will be available for our employees and people who choose our services who are in unique circumstances or in need of financial assistance to get through this pandemic.



Donations to Christian Horizons are deeply appreciated and needed to support the work of our non-government funded programs. Donations will be applied to where needed most unless otherwise specified. You may wish to direct your gift to a specific Christian Horizons project, program or ministry.

Gift Acceptance Restrictions

Christian Horizons will determine if we are willing and able to comply with your direction. If the gift is accepted, it will be used as you direct and will be accounted for separately until the restrictions have been met. If Christian Horizons cannot comply, your gift will be declined. If the need for the restricted funds have been met, or cannot be completed, the remaining donation will be used where needed most. Once Christian Horizons has received and accepted a gift, no additional restrictions may be imposed.

Gifts are acknowledged and receipted with an official tax receipt.