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In Memory of Rev. James Reese

Rev. James Reese

Christian Horizons mourns the passing of Rev. James Reese. Please feel free to share your memories of Rev. Reese or your condolences for the family below.

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Memories & Condolences


I did not have the privilege knowing Rev. Reese. As the founder of Christian Horizons many lives have been impacted in a positive way because of his love and commitment. In my daily work with Christian Horizons I will do my best to share his passion as his vision carries on. My thoughts and prayers go out to all his loved ones in this difficult time.

Jan Kahler

I am so thankful to have known Pastor Reese.  Every time I spoke with Jim, he asked about my children by name and reminded me that he prayed for us  every week while he swam. 

I am thankful for Jim's vision, courage, and humility in beginning Christian Horizons.  I thank the Reese family for your encouragement over the years.  Please accept my condolences during this time while you wait to see Jim again.


Angelica DeVos

My sincere condolences to the Reese family for your loss. Rev. Reeves was a pioneer who blazed a trail for many to follow. His belief that all have value before the Lord has created and grown an organization that puts people first, that everyone will belong to a community where their God-given gifts are valued and respected. I am thankful for his legacy which will continue...a seed was planted and a forest has grown. So many lives have been enriched and blessed as a result of his vision. May we continue in his footsteps.

Miah Grace Miller


To the Reese family, may you be comforted during this difficult time by our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Reverend Jim has left a legacy for those of us still alive to sincerely consider. The vision for Christian Horizons that started with your family lives on in the thousands of people supported or employed in this good work.

George Needles

What a life, what a vision, what compassion, what a heart!


We had an awesome experience when Rev. Jim and Adrienne visited our home in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan and spent a lots of time with people we support and staff. I remember he was singing a song of hope and about Christ's second coming! I am happy that he is with the One who called him and enjoying bliss of heaven.


I would like to share Revelation 14:13 "Then I heard a voice from heaven say, “Write this: Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord from now on.”


“Yes,” says the Spirit, “they will rest from their labour, for their deeds will follow them.”



Rajeev Mathew


Till we meet again Rev. James Reese. Go and rest at the feet of your heavenly Father. May our good LORD comfort , console and give peace to all the family.

Aminat Akande

May the Almighty  comfort you, Mrs. Reese and family, among the mourners of Zion and Jerusalem.

May Rev. Reese's memory be for blessing.


Angela Wilson

Pastor Reese will live in our memories as a man filled with God’s grace. He was one of the warmest, caring people I have ever known and an inspiration to many. We can take comfort that he is now home with his Saviour.

Lori Piper

When I think of Pastor Jim Reese I think of a man so full of grace, mercy and kindness.  Each time I engaged with him it was if though he had all the time in the world for you and at that moment you were the only one that mattered.  He had the ability to minister deeply into the lives of people.  Lives have been changed, enhanced and strengthen and encouraged  because of Jim's love for people that came from his desire to be like Jesus and to love like Jesus.  Thoughts and prayers are extended to his beautiful family during this difficult time.  A saint is now at home with his loving redeemer Jesus Christ.



I had the opportunity to sit with Rev. Reese 2 -3 years ago at Connection meeting. I did not know that was going to be the first and last. He had a very soft and down to earth personality, a real mentor l would say with the little time l spent with him. l still feel the fire and passion for the people we support burning in him and l remember this very well that he said to me regarding the organization "I HOPE THAT THEY CONTINUE IN THE VISION." 

Rev, you have set a legacy that can not be easily forgotten. You gave me as a staff a platform to be the hands and feet of Jesus in supporting the people we serve and to also appreciate the potential in them.

You will always be remembered by a lot of people.

Rest in the bosom of our Lord Jesus until we see again.


Josephine Ayeni

My memory of Rev. Reeves was at the 50th anniversary gathering for Christian Horizons. It was such a blessing to be in the presence of the man who's vision and action unified people from all over the world for just one purpose, 'serving people with developmental disabilities.' Rev. Reese passing is not a regret but rather a celebration of a life well spent in service to the Lord. Rest in the glory of your Lord. Your work is done here. Hallelujah!

Babajide A. Akinremi


I would like to thank Jim Reese and the family for starting Christian Horizons. I have been apart of this for the past 34 years.  Christian Horizons is a nice place to live and the staff and residents get along.  He was such a great man to talk to and I have heard him preach on the word of God.  I felt sad to hear of his passing.  I am praying for the family.

George Apted


Pastor Reese will always be remembered as one who cared deeply for others. He would always offer his blessings to staff and encouraged them in their work. He surely was a man who sought to please  God. As Christian Horizons continues, may we never loose sight of the one who God used to bring light and love for those who needed others to walk along side of then. I am sure that as God has called His servant home, He said well done my good and faithful one. May your light shine on in the organization that you have founded.

To the family left behind, may God grant you peace.

Paulette Numekevor

I had the privilege of meeting Jim and Adrienne Reese at a picnic at Toronto 19 about 7 years ago. Jim Reese sang and retold the story of the birth of Christian Horizons.  We had a day of food, fellowship and inspiring conversations with people supported and staff.   At the end of the day, Jim and Adrienne Reese prayed for all the staff and people supported.  Before they left, Mrs. Reese wrote down our names, she said she would pray for us every day.   It was an unforgettable visit.  Our thanks to the Reese family for their obedience to God, and their faithfulness to the vision of a Christian ministry to those who experience disabilities.

Laverne Boyce

The love of God shined through Rev. Reese as he met people who worked for and were connected to the ministry of Christian Horizons.  It was clearly evident that he valued the opportunity to meet people who shared the same passion of supporting those who experience disabilities in God's love.  We appreciate your vision for this organization, and you will be truly missed.  Adrienne, Steven and family, my deepest sympathies to you at this time.

Michelle Norton

 My deepest sympathy to the Reese family on the loss of their loved one.

 I did not know him personally, but let me say, God used him and his wife through the birth of their son to create, with other like minded parents, a place (or today a community) that embraces those among us who are different but in so many ways are just like us.

 May his legacy and vision live on.

 May the God of peace and comfort embrace you all in this time of need.

 My prayers are with you all.

Barbara Watson

My deepest condolences to the family. I will always remember Jim's wonderful voice, that he prayed for me and that he was always so thankful for what I did for Steven and Christian Horizons. Jim was truly an inspiration to me and many others. He will be missed!

Brigitte Roeder


Jim and Adrienne … literally the most gracious couple I know; always using their God-given gifts for the glory of God and the encouragement of others. He truly did bloom wherever he was planted. Whether by voice, song or trombone ... we were all encouraged to set our minds on things above. So many lives impacted for eternity as God used Jim and Adrienne and Steven for His purposes.  For basically the second half of my life Christian Horizons has been the major vision/purpose; and also for many of my peers. Thank you Lord for the life of Jim Reese.

Deborah Peel

Thinking of your family at this time. So very sorry to hear. What a great man he was. Heaven just got one special man.

I really count as blessings having met Jim and having worked in the wonderful organization he helped create. He kept Christian Horizons loyal to its roots and dedication to doing the work of the Lord. Many prayer and blessing to the Reese family.
Mike Fletcher

I recall each time I had the opportunity to hear Rev Reese speak and how much I loved the reassuring & peaceful tone of his voice.  I remember telling him how I had met his son at Camp Horizon when I was just 15 years old and how Steven had recited the Lord's Prayer for talent night.  I am blessed to have been influenced & inspired by Rev Reese through my service with Christian Horizons!

Yolanda Akhtar

Great man of a great God! May the good Lord comfort the family he left behind. Adieu Rev. Reese!

Evelyn Smart

Never got the time to meet you but I see your life in the works of your hands..... you will forever be remembered in love as one who gave hope to many from all walks of life.

Peterstone Obiakor

I will always remember James and the care he had for those in need. He will be sorely missed.

Gayle Goossen

 Please receive our deepest condolences at this time of the loss of Rev. Jim Reese as the founder of Christian Horizons. He will be remembered by many generations to come. His legacy for us is a Christian centered organization.  His love for Christ and his love for people with disabilities are a beacon in the present darkness, and in the coming future.

 Thank You Rev. Jim Reese .

 Our thoughts and prayers are with his beloved family at this time of grief and loss.


Enrique Aldaz

I talked with someone yesterday who didn’t know Jim Reese. To me, the name ‘Jim Reese’ is like the name ‘Billy Graham’ - I say it with a casual reverence to honour his humility and his impact in the body of Christ and the world.

Yet, this person didn’t know Jim Reese. I’m thinking about this, and I dare say it wouldn’t have mattered one bit to Jim. I didn’t know him as well as others did, I’m sure, but it’s clear to me what mattered most to Jim was Jesus, his family, and the church. Putting those together, he called the church to reach out to and welcome people with disabilities - for what they bring to the church and for how the church can minister to them.  

He lived a life of faithful service, pointing others to Jesus. And now he’s with Jesus. I wonder does he know yet how many lives he touched in his 85 years?

Thank God for Jim Reese. We will continue the work he started, in faithful and humble service to the One who called us.

Dwayne Milley


My condolences to Jim's family. Great job accomplished for being the founder of a great organization called Christian Horizons; the growth continues.

Desmond Reid

I'm sending my sincere condolences to the Reese family and all who had been blessed to know him as a friend. I had the honour of speaking with him a few years ago in Blenheim, ON at our 50th Anniversary / Annual South District Spring Link. The Rev. and his wife came as guests. Everyone had the privilege of hearing him speak. After he spoke, the group had an opportunity to break out in smaller groups. It was at that time I shared with him how wonderful I felt to know that many years ago people like the Rev. saw so much more in a person than just a disability - subsequently, developing an organization as Christian Horizons as we know it today.

 Thanks you so very much for all you have created. Rev. Reese. You will be truly missed. So many are eternally grateful. I'm so heartbroken.

 Though, God is good, all the time.       

 Romans 8:28 And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.

 Sincere regards, Nadine Valle, DSP

Nadine Valle


Christian Horizons has been a true blessing in my personal and spiritual life. I want first to thank Rev. James Reese and his family for their efforts in making possible that Christian Horizons exists and I send my deepest condolences to the family for the passing of Rev. Reese. I am sure he is in peace with our Lord  and I hope one day I will be able to thank him personally.

Bernardo Muñoz

Early this year I had the awesome privilege of having some very personal and meaningful conversations with Rev. Jim. I also enjoyed his musical talents on the trombone. I am truly blessed by his life and ministry!

Mary Varughese

 I have had the pleasure to work for Christian Horizons for the past twenty-two years. In that time I have been appreciative to the Reese family for making this a possibility for me.

 Jim Reese spoke at a Leadership meeting that I attended and what he said there has resonated with me for the past years. "BLOOM where you're planted"; I have used this many  times to either solve a problem, or to assist me in my day-to-day growth, either in my faith or in my work for Christian Horizons. Mr. Reese, thank you for being a part of planting this great company. I may not have had the opportunity to have met you nor have been able to experience something that has impacted me for the past few years if you had not started this journey!

  I pray for God's support for your family and peace in the coming months that you are now resting in a wonderful place and that God has called you home to take on the task of planting and allowing his work to bloom.


Carlene Wisdom

I will always remember the first time I met Pastor Reese. Such a powerful man of God and a great visionary.  We wish that time spent with our loved ones would last forever and in our hearts it will. Deepest sympathy to the family.

Junior Bent

I remember Jim to be a 'gentle man'.  When he gave his testimony about when he and Adrienne received the news about his son, I was struck with how quickly they accepted what was, and used the challenges that came from that reality as an opportunity to give God glory through the ministry of Christian Horizons.  My condolences to Adrienne, the rest of his family, and good friends.

Evelyn Jansen


I am so sorry for your loss.  I would have loved to have met him.  From all I have heard he was a wonderful, caring person.  What he accomplished is truly amazing.


May God be with you through these difficult times.


Rebecca Campitelli

Although I never had the privilege to meet him, his legacy and what Christian Horizons stands for was one of the major reasons why I wanted to join the organization.  May his legacy continue to guide us.

Tiaan Wasserman


Well done Good and Faithfull Servant


Verleta Small

I interviewed Jim and Adrienne years ago for a video about Christian Horizons' history. I remember how gracious they both were, and happy to cooperate, and how kindly patient they were as we set up our cameras and microphones. As others have observed, he never forgot the name of any Christian Horizons employees he met, and always greeted us with enthusiasm for the work we were doing.

Bill Van Dyk


I was saddened to heard that Rev. Reese had passed away. Although I never had the privilege to meet him personally, I was always thankful to him for the opportunity he provided me to serve people with developmental disabilities. I have had the joy of serving the Lord Jesus in this capacity for the last 21 years and find it a joy to be part of Essex 2 team.  May the Lord bless his family richly at this time and comfort them as only He can.  

Iris Reeves


I am feeling very sad we lost our legend. Some people has very natural emotional attachment with everybody,; it is the key to help or support our people with disabilities. He provided us with a great platform to support individuals. I think is our responsibilities to continue his great work.    


My heartfelt condolences and prayers to all family members and followers of Rev. James Reese. May the RISEN LORD take the departed soul  to eternal abode with His Heavenly Father.  This is a temporary departure. Jesus has promised eternal life to all who followed and believed in Him. Let’s have trust in Him and offer our prayers for the departed soul.

Aji Varghese


I saw him and his family at special events over the years and I have always been impressed by their humbleness and their graciousness. He will sorely be missed by anyone who came in contact with him.  Rest in eternal peace Mr Reese.  God bless your family.

Wendy Jackson

Rev. Reese was a wonderful man, who left an incredible legacy of compassion.

Brian Cotie


Good people die everyday. Yet not all of them affirm for us the goodness in humanity and leadership the way James did. He passed away and left a legacy of positive experiences for anyone who took the time to know him – which wasn’t a hard thing to do. Most likely you don’t know James but you can learn from the legacy he left. He got this great vision and look at where we are today with Christian Horizons - we are global. Yeah...... that is enough legacy to touch lives and make a difference especially for person with intellectual needs. They have a hope in partnership with other great leaders you left us with. Sleep on James until will meet, to part no more on that resurrection morning. 

Joyce Evbuomwan

I had the chance to meet Jim and Adrienne a couple times over the years at church when I was younger. However when I had the chance to support Steven in their home this past winter I jumped at the opportunity. It was a wonderful time to talk with them. He will be greatly missed.

Dan Musselman


I had the privilege of meeting and chatted with both Mr. & Mrs. Reese, which propelled my decision in working with the organization. They are an awesome couple. Mr. Reese expressed his love for humanity with  a caring, humble and loving demeanor in a simplistic way. May his soul rest in eternal peace with Jesus Christ. My prayers for the family is that our Lord and Saviour will comfort, strengthen and draw them close to Him when the need arises. May the love and presence of God rest and remain upon them all.

Angela Brown

I first met Jim and Adrienne shortly after I began my ministry with Christian Horizons in 1987. His deep love and trust of Jesus, genuine and gentle care for others and that rich baritone voice filled any room that he entered, not with his personality, but with the presence of God. His daily prayer life was filled with countless names of those whom he had met. I would encounter Jim, and he would inform me he had just prayed for me, my wife and children by name, that week while swimming. Countless others benefited from that same continual faithful prayer. A great testimony of Jim’s faithful witness and practice is alive in his son Steven. Steven’s love and knowledge of scripture, and his trust in the living Christ are unwavering. A mighty prayer warrior and champion of Christian Horizons is now gratefully worshiping at the feet of his LORD and Saviour, as he now fully realizes the Living Hope he so faithfully preached his entire life. One prayer of Jim’s I’m sure was “Lord, who will take up the call I must leave behind?" Those that take up that call will be the greatest legacy and the answer to his prayers.

Neil Cudney


To the Reese Family;


May the memories of happier times help bring you peace in the days and weeks ahead. The vision of the Reese family has changed more lives then you will ever know, including mine. Your vision has enabled me to find a passion that I didn't know I had until I became an employee at Christian Horizons. I feel truely blessed to be able to do the work I do for the men and women I support each day. So thank you for creating the opportunity for me to be able to do what I do each day to make a difference to the people I support.

Phyllis Elliott


His voice commanded your ear to listen to what he had to say! I always enjoyed listening to Jim speak! I am very grateful for Jim's decision to start this wonderful organization. It is this organization where I met my lovely wife Iris, and as result of meeting Iris, God blessed me with my wonderful son Benjamin. God used Jim to impact many people in ways he didn't even know. I'd like to send my deepest condolences to Adrienne, Steven and the rest of the family. What a tremendous legacy to leave behind!

Greg Trenholm