Letter Exchange

Receiving mail is a common joy. There is something special about receiving a message that someone has taken the time to write just for you, to be re-read as often as you like. Simple words composed with the intent to be enjoyed become an amazing gift.


Send your letter to:

Christian Horizons Global Attn: Child Sponsorship Program

26 Peppler Street Waterloo, ON N2J 3C4

Please ensure your sponsored child’s ID is listed on your letter and that all items fit within a 9x6 envelope.

One of the regular requests we receive from children is to receive a letter from their sponsor. Your messages impact the growth and development of your sponsored child.

Thank you for taking a moment to encourage, share and affirm.

Letter Exchange Questions

What should I say?

We recommend sending a note of introduction. Briefly share some of your own story and a photograph.

I need some ideas …


• Do you have a family tradition you enjoy?

• What about your own country/culture is different and unique?

• What is a seasonal activity you are participating in?

• Encourage them as they pursue their education!

• Speak about your own job and what you enjoy about it.

• Do you have a skill or hobby?

• Affirm them that you pray for and value them!

• Tell them about your church.

• What do you currently appreciate about your life?

• Who are the people you depend on in your life?

• Share a meaningful Bible verse with them and why you find it so.

• If you have children, include their own questions and greetings.

Can I send a gift?

Items that fit within a flat, 9x6 envelope can be sent. Donations can also be made to practically benefit your sponsored child’s community here. There is a place to include your sponsored child’s ID and specify the intention of your donation.

I have another question.

Ask us at: 1-866-362-6810 ext. 3308 or by email.