Dwayne Milley, Vice President of Operations

Dwayne Milley Vice President of Operations

Dwayne Milley

Dwayne Milley has served with Christian Horizons since 1992. Currently serving as Vice President of Operations, Dwayne spent most of his career based in the Toronto area, including ten years as Executive Director.

Dwayne and Karen, his wife of over 25 years, are proud parents to Deepika. Deepika joined their family at six years old in 2014. They live in a little house in the west end of Toronto. Deepika’s arrival interrupted Dwayne’s studies at Wycliffe College towards a Master's degree in Theological Studies and Development. One day he’ll get back at it.

Dwayne’s personal vision in life is that 'everyone plays'—every person has something rare and special to offer and deserves an opportunity to express it. We each have an obligation to make it happen so that all of us can be blessed by the gifts of others.

Contact Dwayne at dmilley@christian-horizons.org