Inclusive Education in Ethiopia

03 - Inclusive Education in Ethiopia

03 - Inclusive Education in Ethiopia

“Thanks for penetrating the culture and creating an awareness in the community that families can send their children with special needs to school.”                   -Teacher in Ethiopia

Through partnership with the Ethiopian government and the generosity of sponsors and donors, Christian Horizons Global has been able to:

- Train 331 teachers in Special Needs Education 
- Open 125 Special Needs units in schools
- Gain access to education for over 3600 students with disabilities
Recently our focus has been:
- Purchase a bus to help long-distance students attend school
- Partner and advocate with communities that disability does not mean inability
- Opening a child development unit at Horizons Academy as a model classroom for children with disabilities at our inclusive school in Asella
Your donation will be projects like these to increase the access of education to students with disabilities.

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