Sponsor a Child

Sponsor a Child for $41/month

Sponsor a Child for $41/month


Direct Benefit to the child:

The family of the sponsored child will receive a direct benefit of funds or practical supplies needed for the wellbeing of the child. This can include school uniforms, books and school supplies, school fees paid, shoes, food supplied, medical care or other needed things. This amount varies depending on community and currency exchange but averages as over half of the sponsorship funds.

Children’s programs in the community:

We seek to supply programs that will benefit the children that are sponsored in the community and those that are not. These programs can include; schools, nutrition programs, Bible clubs, training for caregivers, and disability programs. Each community is unique and we work with our in country staff to decide the most appropriate way to support the children whether sponsored or not.

Administration and Fundraising costs:

Every dollar donated is used as efficiently as possible to ensure maximum distribution to the child. We have the policy with our sponsorship dollars to ensure that at least 80% of funds are directed to program costs in country.

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