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Caring for you as you care for others

Join us as we explore what it looks like to practice resilient care in difficult times. Christian Horizons is making its "Renew" course on self-care and compassion fatigue available to everyone for the first time during the COVID-19 crisis, in weekly episodes. Check back here later or follow us on Facebook to receive updates on future installments.

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Renew Episode 9: Compassion and Celebration

In our final episode, Keith unpacks how practicing compassion and celebration help us to relate to one another and renew resilient care.

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Renew Episode 8: Effective Communication

Miscommunication and conflict can be one of the greatest challenges to resilient caregiving, or it can open us towards mutual understanding and sensitivity. Episode 8 of this Renew podcast explores tips and tricks as we relate to other and practice effective communication, even in the midst of conflict!

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Renew Episode 7: Knowing Ourselves?

Do you know who you are as a caregiver? As a person? Maybe the caregiving journey is more about discovering who we are in relation to one another. Join Keith for Episode 7 as we talk about how discovery can help us be more resilient caregivers and care professionals.

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Psalm 139 Reflectors Reading from Faith Church on Vimeo.

Psalm 139 Reflectors reading

This is the video referenced towards the end of Renew Episode 7.

Renew Episode 6: Finding Thanks

Do you look for outward circumstances to change in order to find happiness? As caregivers, resilience can come from "finding thanks" in both times of joy and times of great difficulty. Join us as we explore the practice of gratitude in daily life.

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Renew Episode 5: Managing Expectations

What is your "circle of concern?" Do things outside of your control constantly wear down your ability to care well for others? As caregivers, learning to manage our own and others' expectations of us helps us to invest in what really matters.

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Renew Episode 4: The Art of Reslience

This episode explores self-care as an art: the art of resilience. Just as grief and loss are unique, so our response must be unique as well. The art of resilience in caregiving is not about giving it all, but about giving well.

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Renew Episode 3: Compassion Fatigue

In the third episode of Renew, Keith explores the differences between burnout, compassion fatigue, and vicarious trauma. How do little losses add up over time, and what can we do about it?

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Renew Episode 3: ProQOL Self-Assessment

Please be sure to visit the ProQOL Test Site to find the answer sheet and learn more about the Professional Quality of Life Self-assessment

Renew Episode 2: Care as Calling

This episode of Renew gives an overview of the course and then explores the beauty and difficulty that can arise when we view our work as a calling. How does seeing "care as calling" both inspire us to do the work that we do and sometimes cause us grief and frustration?

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