Community Participation Supports - Central East

Community Participation Supports - Central East

Christian Horizons Community Participation Supports offer opportunities for adults over 18 to engage in skills development, community involvement, employment, volunteer opportunities and recreational activities.

Each person has the opportunity to participate in person directed planning where they choose the opportunities that are meaningful for them.

In Ontario, Christian Horizons is funded by the Ministry of Community and Social Services to provide supports to people with developmental disabilities.

Funded Supports Include:

• Employment Services

• Community Participation Supports

• Supported Independent Living

• Group Living

• Host Family

Note: Supports above are not all available in every area.


Developmental Services Ontario

MCSS funded vacancies are filled by Developmental Services Ontario (DSO). To apply for funded services, please contact your local DSO office.

DSO will provide you with the necessary information, confirm eligibility and begin the application process. Visit their website at:

Note: All agencies funded by the Ministry of Community and Social Services are mandated to work within the Developmental Services Ontario process.


Fee For Service Options Include:

• Employment Support Services

• Education and Skill development

• Community Participation Supports

• Vacations and Summer camps

• Family Retreat

• Individualized options

• Accessibility App: Oneder


Employment Support Services and Education and Skill Development

We offer fee for service in the areas of career plan development, employment workshops, skills assessment, job search and resume support, job coaching, and college partnership programs.

Cobourg Diane Robb: (for Employment Supports) or Christine Sills: (for Community Participation Supports)

Peterborough Cathy Sheppard:

Durham Joyce Brown:


Community Participation Supports

We offer opportunities for skill development, community involvement, volunteer opportunities, recreational and social activities.

Vacations and Summer Camps

Vacations Services includes supported excursions to a variety of local and international travel destinations. Camp Programs are offered at locations across the province of Ontario.

For further information please email us at:

 Family Retreat

A fun, relaxing and inclusive Christian environment where people share similar challenges and experiences. Families are encouraged and equipped to face challenges.


Oneder App: Journey Towards Independence

Customized lessons and personalized supports for people in any environment. Real images and videos for clear step by step instruction. Automatically tracks progress towards goals. Contact: Cathy Sheppard: