Community Participation Supports - Toronto

Community Participation Supports - Toronto

Christian Horizons Community Participation Supports offer opportunities for adults over 18 who have a developmental disability to engage in skill development, community involvement, volunteer opportunities, social and recreational activities.

Each person has the opportunity to participate in person directed planning where they choose the opportunities that are meaningful for them.

There are two ways to access community participation supports. To access our Ministry of Community and Social Services (MCSS) funded Community participation supports, please contact your local Developmental Services Ontario (DSO) office. Visit their website at

To purchase these supports on a fee for service basis, please contact Alicia Soares:



Day Supports

Golden Gems

Social Connections

Arts Programs

Community Spirit Experience

For general inquiries or to meet, contact us!

Our Voice Matters: Self-Advocacy Advisory Council

The Self-Advocacy Advisory Council addresses complaints or concerns from people supported by Christian Horizons. The Self -Advocacy Advisory Council is a part of Christian Horizons strategic planning process.

The Self-Advocacy team will participate in a district planning “Think Tank”. Key members may also visit homes to speak to people and be their voice for issues they may have.

The meetings consist of:

● Speaking for yourself

● Problem solving

● Learning about rights & responsibilities

● Becoming active and a contributing citizens in your own community

● Educate the community

● Self Determination

● Carrying out own plans

● Advocating for others with disabilities that might not be able to advocate for themselves for various reasons

● Attending other self-advocacy conferences and training

● Contribute ideas, suggestions and feedback to Magnificent Memories Retreat

Our Voice Matters: Self -Advocacy Advisory Council host events that are open for everyone to participate in. The self-advocacy team also meets up together just to have fun.

When: 4:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m. one Tuesday a month (dates TBD)

Location: The Village, 2972 Islington Ave, Unit 5, North York

Cost: FREE Contact:

Important to know: There are requirements for being a member of the Advisory Council. Contact for more information.