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Sponsorship Program

Christian Horizons Global supports children’s services in four countries – Haiti, Nicaragua, Guatemala, and Ethiopia – through our child sponsorship program.

Our program gives individuals and families the chance to impact the life of a child in need while creating a personal relationship with them.

With a monthly commitment of $41, you can make a profound difference in the life of a child. Our child sponsorship program improves communities through the development of healthy minds and bodies while strengthening a child’s spiritual development.

As a sponsor you will get:

  • A profile card introducing you to your sponsored child. The profile card comes with a photo of your child and information on your child’s life and community.
  • An annual progress report on your sponsored child’s academic and social life. Each year we share a photo of your child and a report on their development.
  • A chance to interact with your child through our letter writing program.
  • An opportunity to pray for your sponsored child and have a positive influence on their life and their community.

How will my $41 impact a child’s life?

  • Education or vocational training
  • Healthy meals
  • Regular health checkups, dental care and routine vaccinations
  • Sports, field trips and art programs, where they get to just be kids
  • Age-appropriate Christian teaching and discipleship that will help them find hope in the gospel

Every dollar donated is used efficiently to ensure maximum distribution to your child. We maintain low administrative costs at a percentage of 6%. This allows the funds to go towards improving the life of your child.

Can I give an additional financial gift to benefit my sponsored child?

Christian Horizons Global provides holistic support to the community where your sponsored child lives. This approach enables us to invest in sustainable development to break the cycle of poverty experienced generation after generation. Community development can include activities such as community building projects, entrepreneurial training, spiritual development and financial planning. Our primary goal is to equip children and families with the support they need to become self-sufficient.

Financial gifts can be given to support the activities taking place in your sponsored child’s community.

Our impact

Christian Horizons Global’s child sponsorship program has been operating for 20 years. Learn about the impact Christian Horizons Global has had on the lives of the first six children it supported in 1994.

Frequently Asked Questions

The following is a list of commonly asked questions about sponsorship and donations.

Please CONTACT US if you need further information (scroll to bottom of page).

Sponsorship Questions

How will my monthly gifts impact the life of my sponsored child?

The financial contributions you provide through monthly sponsorship are used in two ways.  The first is direct financial support to the sponsored child.  The second is to community development programs (inclusive schools, nutrition, and bible programs) that will benefit all children in the community.  Your child lives in their own community and is raised by a family. A Christian Horizons Global staff member visits regularly to monitor care and ensures your child receives proper health and nutrition, education, tutoring and school supplies. The staff also provides resources and ensures that your child has access to extracurricular activities such as drama, music, sports and spiritual development.

All Christian Horizons Global programs/projects are monitored directly by Christian Horizons Global staff.  All programs are implemented by local staff and our in country partners.  

How can I communicate with my sponsored child?

Sponsors are encouraged to communicate to their sponsored child through letters. We would be glad to help you correspond. Twice a year, we send all letters to our Christian Horizons Global country office. Letters are normally translated and delivered to your sponsored child during one of these visits.

When your child receives a letter from you, they will respond. If the child writes in their language, our Christian Horizons Global staff will translate the letter and forward it back to our head office in Canada. Please prepare your correspondence as outlined below:

Send your letters and pictures to Christian Horizons Global. Please clearly mark your child’s name and country on the envelope.

Christian Horizons Global – Child Sponsorship

4278 King Street East 

Kitchener, ON N2P 2G5

For more information on Letter Exchange, CLICK HERE.

How are children chosen?
We work with governments and local organizations to determine where the greatest needs are. Relationships are built with communities and villages to start a sponsorship program. The community identifies the children with the highest need for support and these children are enrolled to the sponsorship program.

What are the methods of payment for sponsorship?
Payments can be made by direct debit or credit card:

Direct Debit

We process direct debit payments on the 1st or the 15th of the month. For us to process your direct debit, please provide us with a void cheque or the following information:

  • bank name
  • bank mailing address
  • bank account

Credit Card

All credit card payments are processed on the 8th of the month. For us to process your credit card payments, we will require the following information:

  • type of card (Please note that we only accept Visa or MasterCard)
  • name of cardholder
  • card number (16 digits)
  • expiry date

What is your financial accountability?
Christian Horizons Global is audited annually by external auditors and is a member of the Canadian Council of Christian Charities.

Will I receive a tax receipt?
Tax receipts are issued annually for all sponsorship and donation related transactions. Tax receipts can either be emailed or mailed to your address. If you would like to get your tax receipt via email, please let us know by emailing sponsorship@chglobal.org.

Can I visit my child?
You may visit your sponsored child. Please let us know that you are planning a trip to see your child so we may facilitate your visit.

Donation Questions

How are my donations spent?
Christian Horizons Global is 100% funded by donations. Your generous contributions enable our organization to provide programs to people living in exceptional circumstances in the 7 countries where we serve. Our programs and projects focus on Education, Vocational and Leadership Training, Spiritual Development, and training to develop skills to operate a business leading to self sustainability.

Christian Horizons Global works with local and global organizations to:

  • Enhance quality of life & health
  • Develop physical, mental, social & spiritual potential
  • Utilize unused and underused facilities
  • Train and equip churches to include persons with disabilities in their communities
  • Enable equal participation for females in the workforce and classroom