Camps & Vacations

We are changing to serve you better

Christian Horizons is excited to announce that we are changing the way in which we plan and deliver camps and vacation opportunities.

What you have come to know as “Christian Horizons Vacations Service”, operated from our Resource and Leadership Centre in Kitchener is being transformed. These services will now be led and delivered by the seven Christian Horizons Districts in Ontario and Saskatchewan.

What this also means is that the yearly brochure will be replaced by our website and services, like, to inform you of camp and vacation opportunities. Those sources will also provide details about the additional services Christian Horizons provides, such as respite, retreats, individualized supports and much more.

If you have any questions about these changes or how to access these services, please contact your local Christian Horizons District Office.  Click here to find the Christian Horizons office in your area.


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