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We work together with local partners to help provide sustainable and inclusive development in six developing nations.



80% of people with a disability live in the developing world. 90% of children with a disability don't have access to education. Help us keep making a difference.

We focus our efforts in:

Inclusive Education

Christian Horizons works with local partners and donors like you to build, supply, and staff inclusive classrooms like this one in Asella Ethiopia. Not only are children with and without disabilities receiving education for the first time, they're beating the odds and reshaping how their community views people with disabilities. Click here to support inclusive education.

Sustainable and Inclusive Community Development

From entrepreneurship training to vocational skill development, nutrition supports to farming education and supplies, we believe that promoting sustainable and inclusive development is the key to long-tern self sufficiency for people with and without disabilities in developing nations. See how the gift of three chicken's changed Marie-Michaline's family's future.

While we often partner with local churches and are motivated by our faith-based roots, we work alongside everybody, regardless of religion, race, or gender. Click here to make an impact that will last for years to come.

Christian Horizons Global is a registered charity funded entirely through the generous donations and partnerships of individuals, businesses, foundations and churches.

Christian Horizons Global supports humanitarian programs in six developing countries: Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Guatemala, Haiti and Nicaragua.

Christian Horizons Global has made a positive impact in the lives of over 300,000 people affecting over 60 communities.

Where We Serve



Due to enormous need and required support and management, Christian Horizons Global was approached to explore the possibilities of working in Uganda.


Christian Horizons Global partners with Kenyan organizations to develop church planting training and evangelism programs in Kenya and South Sudan through a project initiated by a Canadian partner.


Formerly known as Children’s Homes International, Christian Horizons Ethiopia is a well-established nongovernmental organization serving the Oromia Region of Ethiopia since 1992. From the small beginnings of caring for six orphans living in a group setting, the organization has now grown to support well over 40,000 individuals in children’s services, basic education, adult literacy, adult and youth skills training, special needs education, income-generating projects, and leadership development. Our goal is to equip and empower women, people with disabilities, disadvantaged groups, and local communities to become economically self-sufficient.

Central & South America


Since its inception as Children’s Homes International in 1990, the influence of Christian Horizons Global has significantly increased in Guatemala. The implementation of holistic, practical and long-term development programs has provided a source of hope for people living in extremely difficult circumstances in Guatemala. Christian Horizons Global works in Guatemala City and in several rural communities to help improve the quality of life for people with exceptional needs.


Christian Horizons Global was introduced to the opportunities in Nicaragua in 2007. Since that time our services have been based upon a small sponsorship program which impacts over 100 families. This program is located in two underdeveloped districts - one in Managua and one in Esteli. Currently, there are 135 children supported through the child sponsorship program.


Christian Horizons Global has been working in Haiti since 2009, serving individuals with exceptional needs, including orphans with physical and intellectual disabilities, the unemployed and those affected by the devastating 2010 earthquake. The destructive impact of the earthquake and subsequent hurricanes has created an atmosphere of despair. The need to empower the people of Haiti, re-establish dignity and assist with development projects is great.


Ryan's Project

Ryan's Project

Ryan was born with special needs. His parents wish to continue his impact on the world through service projects done in his memory.
Saving To End Poverty (STEP) Program

Saving To End Poverty (STEP) Program

Participants learn the power of saving to achieve change and self-sufficiency.
Sponsor a Child for $41/month

Sponsor a Child for $41/month

Monthly sponsorship of a child can change a life and a family.
Education In Haiti

Education In Haiti

Help our Church Partners deliver quality education in Haiti.
Inclusive Education in Ethiopia

Inclusive Education in Ethiopia

Your donation will increase the access of education to students with disabilities.
Children's Nutrition and Bible Programs

Children's Nutrition and Bible Programs

Weekly programs that feed body and soul.

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