Our Vision & Mission

Our Vision

People who experience disabilities belong to communities in which their God-given gifts are valued and respected.

Our Mission

As an expression of Christian faith, we work together with people who experience disabilities to accomplish their goals and nurture communities where everybody belongs.

Our Strategic Plan

As one ministry, we hold three priorities that guide our efforts in achieving our Vision, Mission and Values in Canada and across the globe: Support People, Celebrate Employees and Volunteers, and Nurture Relationships.

In every strategic planning cycle, we identify clear outcomes for each priority and we plan detailed activities that help us to achieve those outcomes. All of these plans are developed in collaboration with our stakeholders including, people with exceptional needs, employees, volunteers and partners. Please click on the link below to learn more about the priorities, outcomes and activities that Christian Horizons will be working towards in the coming year.

Support People

Promote social inclusion and broaden our core services for people facing barriers.

Celebrate Employees & Volunteers

Demonstrate our commitment to excellent employee and volunteer relations and invest in a highly-skilled and committed workforce.

Nurture Relationships

Strengthen relationships with partners and stakeholders, in particular the Christian community.

Wrap-up Reports


2017-2018 Wrap-up Report


Mid-year update

December 2017

Annual Report

Each year Christian Horizons creates our Annual Report which highlights not only our financial results but is a celebration of stories that share communities of belonging throughout Christian Horizons.


Past Annual Reports

Financial Statements


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