Our Team

Senior Leadership Team

Janet Noel-Annable Chief Executive Officer

With a daily commitment to serving vulnerable people and following the example set by Jesus Christ, Janet is grateful for both the professional development and the lessons learned from walking alongside people as they make their way in the world.

Angelica McKay Chief Financial Officer

After working in the business sector as a Chartered Accountant for 20 years, Angelica welcomed the opportunity to use her gifts to benefit a faith-based organization that shares her values.

Eugene Versteeg Senior Vice President

Eugene serves on a variety of provincial committees within Developmental Services including Provincial Network Human Resources Strategy and OASIS Labour Relations Committee.

Allan Mills Vice President Community Services

Allan is a strong advocate for the people who are supported by Christian Horizons and has played a key role in new developments such as the Christian Horizons Family Retreat as well as our services in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan.

Dwayne Milley Vice President Operations and Development

Dwayne has long believed that 'everyone plays'—every person has something rare and special to offer and deserves an opportunity to express it. We each have an obligation to make it happen so that all of us can be blessed by the gifts of others.

Jennifer Gleva Vice President Human Resources

Through Jennifer’s dedication to seeing employees being empowered to provide amazing supports and services, the 3400 employees of Christian Horizons can continue to passionately serve the person with exceptional needs.

Executive Directors

Claudine Cousins Central District Executive Director

Claudine has served with Christian Horizons since July 2014 serving as the Director of Operations. In 2015 Claudine became the Executive Director for the Central District of Christian Horizons and is currently serving the Toronto, York, and Simcoe communities

Shawn Eddison Central East District Executive Director

Shawn began his career with Christian Horizons over 25 years ago as a Direct Support Professional. Over the years, Shawn has worked in many different communities and in a variety of different roles.

Jackie Monforton East District Executive Director

Jackie has served with Christian Horizons 30 years. Jackie began her career with Christian Horizons as a Direct Support Professional and, in her tenure, has progressed through various management positions.

Anita Bacon South District Executive Director

Anita joined the team at Christian Horizons in 2005 as an Area Manager for the South District. Anita has been serving as the Executive Director of the South District since 2008.

Ingrid Dykstra North District Executive Director

Ingrid came to Christian Horizons in 1984 as a part-time Direct Support Professional. Throughout the course of her career with Christian Horizons Ingrid has served in a variety of roles, and as of October 2013 she has been serving as the Executive Director for the North District.

Patty Vlaar West District Executive Director

Patty has served with Christian Horizons for over 25 years in a variety of different positions.

Ann Gyurmanczi Saskatchewan Executive Director

Ann has worked within Christian Horizons for 25 years, in positions including Direct Support Professional, Job Placement Facilitator, Program Manager, Community Development Manager and Area Manager in numerous communities.

Our Board

Christian Horizons Board of Directors is a dedicated group of volunteers who govern the organization of Christian Horizons. The Directors pledge to uphold the Christian Faith Foundation of Christian Horizons and lead following the vision, mission and values of the organization. Below is a list of the current Directors. Directors are elected to a three year term at the Annual General Meeting, and can serve 2 consecutive terms.

Our Board Members

Clare Lebold


Clare lives in Kitchener, Ontario. He is a Pastor and Educator.

Clare is in his second year with the Board of Directors.

Stan Cox

Vice Chair

Stan lives in Waterford, Ontario. He is a retired businessman and Pastor.

Stan has been on the Board for six years. 

Gary Gehiere

Vice Chair

Gary lives in Lucknow, Ontario. He is a Chartered Accountant and business owner.

This is Gary’s fourth year on the Board.

Aimo Manninen


Aimo lives in Southampton, Ontario.  He is a retired school principal.

Aimo is in his sixth year on the Board. 

Judy Eerkes

Member At Large

Judy lives in Jordan Station, Ontario. She is a Clinical Leader in the Autism Spectrum Disorder Program at the Ron Joyce Children’s Health Centre.

Judy is in her sixth year on the Board of Directors. 

Beth Woof

Member At Large

Beth lives in Ancaster, Ontario. She is a high school Principal.

Beth is in her fourth year on the Board of Directors. 

Roger Berg


Roger lives in Oakville, Ontario. He is an Executive Pastor.

Roger is in his fifth year with the Board of Directors. 

Arlene DeGroot


Arlene lives in Ancaster, Ontario. She is a Business Consultant.

Arlene is in her fifth year with the Board of Directors. 

Tim Epp


Tim lives in Dundas, Ontario. He is an Associate Professor of Sociology at Redeemer University.

This is his first term with the Board of Directors.

Randy Magnus


Randy lives in Ayr, Ontario. He is a Senior Pastor.

Randy is in his third year on the Board.

Julie Pyper


Julie lives in Burlington, Ontario. She is a Leadership Development Director.

Julie is in her third year with the Board.

Harvey D. Schindel


Harvey lives in Burlington, Ontario. He is a retired Regional Bank Manager.

Harvey is in his fourth year on the Board of Directors.

Murray Wellman


Murray lives in Kitchener, Ontario. He is a retired financial business owner.

Murray is in his third year with the Board of Directors.

Lori Weiler-Thiessen


Lori lives in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. She is an educator.

Lori is in her first year with the Board of Directors.

Mark Ghesquiere


Mark lives in Simcoe, Ontario. He is a physician.

This is his first term with the Board of Directors.